Inducted November 2, 2002


Life within Newfoundland and Labrador, especially within Conception Bay North, was much better because of the concern, determination, devotion and efforts of Albert “Bud” Chafe of Harbour Grace. For nearly 45 years this hard-working individual laboured as a volunteer to improve the conditions under which athletics is conducted locally and provincially.

Hockey, especially minor hockey has benefited greatly because of Bud’s involvement. The historic Harbour Grace Regatta would be no way near the high level that it is today without Bud’s involvement and there are many who sincerely feel the Regatta may not even exist except for Bud’s determination and hard work.

Selected as Harbour Grace Citizen of the Year for 1983 and 1984, Chafe was presented with a special 30-year service pin by the Harbour Grace Volunteer Fire Brigade, received a Governor General Award in 1993, won the Harbour Grace Sports Hall of Fame Award for 1993, has been inducted into the Harbour Grace Sports Hall of Fame, was selected hockey Coach of the Year in 1989 and has received an Outstanding Service Pin from Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador.

It should be noted as well that in addition to providing exceptional leadership for others within hockey and rowing, Bud has earned an enviable personal reputation as a day-to-day, hands-on executive. During all his contributions to sport he has been a tireless worker in addition to being a successful planner and leader. Chafe has filled every aspect of rowing in demonstrating his great love for the Harbour Grace Regatta. Elected president of the Association in 1990, his participation goes back more than 40 years and involves everything from rower, to coxswain and coach, to worker to executive.

Since 1961 Bud has been a Regatta worker. It was his drive and determination that obtained the current racing shells being used at the Harbour Grace Regatta and in every possible manner, Bud has provided leadership, expertise, hard work and the inspiration that have made it possible for the Harbour Grace Regatta to continue on an annual basis.

Bud has been an important part of Conception Bay North hockey since 1957 and his coaching contributions started in 1958, the first season for the S.W. Moores Stadium in Harbour Grace. It has continued at one level or another for 48 years. In 1996, Bud led the formation of a female team in the CBN Association and he coached the club. His coaching of CBN female teams reached a climax in 1997 when the club won the provincial hockey championship.

For more than 24 years Bud has been an extremely active executive officer of minor hockey in his area. For ten of these years he has served as president of the minor hockey organization. His leadership supported by his day-to-day work has been a major factor in the success that minor hockey has enjoyed in Conception Bay North. “Bud” Chafe has earned the respect, admiration and gratitude of thousands and thousands of people in the Conception Bay North area and with thousands of others who have come in contact with him through his rowing and hockey volunteer work.