Inducted 2010

Art Hamlyn - Veteran/Athlete

Art Hamlyn proved to be one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s greatest goaltenders to play the game of hockey in this province. Art Hamlyn, also known by his fans and teammates as “Hammy” achieved much success in the sport of hockey and was most commonly known for his outstanding net minding skills with a number of hockey teams in this province.

“Hammy” started his goaltending career in the St. John’s Senior Hockey League in 1928 where he was the captain of St. Bon’s Hockey from 1930-1939 and represented St. John’s on All Star teams. In the 1940’s Art played for the Bell Island Hockey team and the Royals Hockey Team until 1944.

All through the thirties and forties Art’s name was constantly appearing in our dailies as one of the greatest goaltenders the country has known. Hammy’s greatest assets were his courage and ice cold nerves that never seemed to falter. During is career, he performed against many visiting teams and after every game the visitors were always loud in the praise of Art’s ability and would remark “There’s a place in big-time hockey Art”.

As he stole the hearts of many Newfoundlanders, he accomplished numerous achievements along the way including his name appearing on the Boyle Trophy ten times and on the Herder Trophy four times. In 1954 the Art Hamlyn Memorial Trophy was established at the St. John’s Memorial Stadium to reward the years goaltender with the least goals scored against in recognition of “Newfoundland’s greatest goaltender”.

Art Hamlyn was a quiet man, who became a leader amongst his teammates by showing them a courageous and “never say die” attitude, that people say has never been equaled. Arthur “Hammy” Hamlyn’s career as a goaltender in this province is said to be the performance of a hard working, inspired man.