Inducted May 24, 1975

Clifford Stone - Athlete

Clifford Stone was born at Fogo, Notre Dame Bay in 1906 and was educated at Bishop Feild College. Clifford was the most outstanding long and short distance runner Newfoundland has ever had. At one time he held the record time for the half mile, one mile, five miles, and ten miles. He was the winner of The Evening Telegram Ten Mile Road Race from 1926 to 1932.

On 30 September 1929 he ran the course in the record time of 52-57-6. He also set a record for the ten thousand meter in 34-08-2. These records have remained unbeaten by Newfoundland athletes.

Cliff was a member of the Newfoundland team that went to the British Empire Games held in Hamilton, Ontario in 1930. He was also a member of the long distance running team in the maritime competition that won the team shield on two occasions.

Cliff has a style of his own and if we had tracks and paved roads in those days, as we have now, he would have records still standing. He was the best ten miler we ever had. His effortless, but powerful strides carried him to great heights in long distance running.

Cliff Stone was a very quiet and reserved man, who took both victory and defeat in a casual manner. He was a superb athlete and an outstanding gentleman. Clifford died in April 1969.