Inducted November 7, 1992

David Carroll - Athlete

In the history of local sport, Dave “Snowy” Carroll is the first Newfoundland-born runner to hold three sprint records at 100 yards, 220 yards and the quarter mile (440 yards).

As a Junior in 1961 and while competing in the 41st Annual Newfoundland A.A.U. of Canada Track and Field Championships held at Bell Island on August 12th, he captured the 100 yards dash in the remarkable fast time of 10.4 seconds. In the same meet he won the 220 yard event in 25 seconds and the quarter mile (440 yards). That same year he was chosen to represent Newfoundland at the C.N.E. in Toronto.

During his career he won between 90 to 100 races and only lost four. From 1965 until he retired in 1968 he never lost a 100 yard, 220 yard or 440 yard race. He was the first Newfoundlander to concurrently hold two and later, three sprint records in the 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash or 440 yard dash. In 1966 he defeated Bill MacKinnon in the 100 yard dash and 220 yard dash. MacKinnon won the gold medal in the 1969 Summer Games. MacKinnon also had the fastest times in Canada for the 100 yard dash and the 220 yard dash in 1969 and 1970. His 9.7 seconds time in the 100 yard dash in 1967 was the fourth fastest time in Canada for that year.

Distances are now recorded in meters instead of yards. His times for the 100 yards have not been equalled in 26 years. 9.7 seconds per 100 yard dash is roughly equivalent to a 10.7 seconds 100 meters. His 22.7 seconds 220 yard dash is equivalent to a 22.6 seconds 200 meters; his 49.5 seconds 440 yard dash is equivalent to a 49.2 seconds 400 meters. There is no Newfoundlander, past or present, close to breaking his 100 yard dash records. Indeed, there are only two Newfoundlanders in the history of the sport to break ten seconds for the 100 yard dash. Gerry Halley in 1929 and David Carroll who broke ten seconds on at least 15 occasions from 1965-1968.