Inducted November 4, 1988

Doug Grant - Athlete

Doug Grant was born in Corner Brook in 1948 and enjoyed a great deal of success as a hockey goalie. His career included seven professional seasons in the National Hockey League, the American Hockey League and the Central Hockey League, performing for Memorial University in Atlantic Intercollegiate play and as a member of the Corner Brook Royals in Provincial Senior Hockey.

His NHL stint included competition with Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues. He played 77 NHL games for 4,199 minutes during which he gave up 280 goals for an impressive 4.00 goals against average. He had two shutouts, against Pittsburgh and Detroit.

In all, he had 19 pro shutouts with eight in the American Hockey League and nine in the Central Hockey League to go with his pair of NHL goose eggs. In 1973 he was voted AHL rookie of the year and led the League with a 2.54 average. He shared top goals against average in CHL in ’78 and ’79, won MVP for the CHL finals in ’80 and was a member of the Championship Team in the CHL in ’80 and ’81. He coached in the CHL for two seasons.

After starting as a pee wee goalie for Corner Brook in 1958, he played for many Corner Brook Teams including the Royals from 1966 to 1971 with Herder Memorial Trophy performances in ’66 and ’68. In 1972, he had the top average in Atlantic Intercollegiate hockey with 2.05 and was named All-Star netminder.

Selected as Corner Brook’s first male athlete of the year in 1967, he starred as a center forward for the Curling Rangers and Corner Brook All-Stars in soccer from 1966 to 1971.