Inducted November 3, 1984

Edward Browne - Builder

Edward Browne played the major role in the establishment and operation of basketball within the province. He filled every role within the sport with dedication and expertise; remaining a player all of his life while working long and hard as a coach, referee and administrator. His service to the sport spanned local, provincial, national and international activity as he earned a wonderful reputation everywhere for his efforts on behalf of basketball. As an educator at Memorial University for 16 years and at the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College for five years, Mr. Browne provided guidance and leadership for thousands of students, within and outside of basketball. He also excelled as a player in baseball and as an oarsman, while performing with skill in hockey, soccer and track and field. Son of the Honourable William Browne of St. John’s, Mr. Browne died in 1983.