Inducted November 6, 1987

Edward Manning - Athlete

Regarded as one of the finest natural athletes that the province has ever produced, Ed Manning’s career started while he was a student at St. Bon’s College in St. John’s. Between 1947 and 1950 he was a member of four intercollegiate hockey championship teams, four intercollegiate soccer championship teams, and three intercollegiate basketball championship teams, and won the senior Victor Ludorum in the annual St. Bon’s Sports.

Mr. Manning’s career in senior soccer really started in 1951. He was a member of six St. Bon’s Boyle Trophy winning hockey teams, two St. John’s senior basketball championship teams and four St. John’s senior baseball championship teams, and was one of the better soccer players at the Ayre Athletic Grounds.

He played on four St. John’s provincial senior baseball championship teams and on two occasions was runner-up for St. John’s Athlete of the Year. Mr. Manning made outstanding contributions to every team of which he was a member, always among the highest scorers in basketball, the best hitters and best fielders in baseball, the top play-makers and scorers in hockey, and one of the most effective and successful players in soccer.