Inducted October 16, 1999

Edwin Charles (Doug) Fowler - Athlete/Builder

Doug Fowler’s contribution in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador has been marked by significant accomplishment particularly in the Sport of Boxing where he rose to prominence.

Doug Fowler’s involvement with Sport in this Province spans thirty (30) years and during that time he gained much respect for this prodigious work ethic both as an administrator and coach.

He has served Boxing Newfoundland as its President for six (6) years and during that time took on the added responsibilities of training his young acolytes for future success of which he was responsible for many prized pugilists.

He has coached the Province’s Canada Games Boxing Team and sixteen (16) Provincial Boxing Teams to National Competition. He has also served on the Coaching staff of three Canadian Boxing Teams to International Competition which is certainly a testament to his ability and success.

He has served on the Province’s Canada Games Mission Staff and in 1987-1988 was selected Newfoundland and Labrador’s Coach of the year.

His talents and contribution hasn’t been solely confined to the Sport of Boxing. His coaching efforts as a soccer coach have resulted in local and provincial Championship teams with him at the helm.

The lives of many young men in this Province have been greatly enriched by his coaching prowess, many of whom supported and attested to his influence in their success.

Indeed, no greater compliment can be made of a man.

Doug is a retired educator and continues to offer his support and guidance to Sport.