Inducted October 31, 1986

Elizabeth Swan - Builder

Born in Australia, the late Elizabeth Swan lived in Newfoundland for 33 years and is regarded as one of the forces behind the establishment of figure skating as a major permanent sport within the province. Her involvement included long, dedicated service at the local, provincial and national levels.

Internationally, she was a judge in the 1982 Precision Skating Championships in London, Ontario.

Serving on the national figure skating board of directors for four years, she was chairman of the committee that set up precision skating in Canada and conducted workshops and judged in many parts of Canada. She played a major role in having the professional coaches of Canada become an integral part of the Canadian Figure Skating Association and was awarded the 1985 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Provincially, she was section chairman for nine years and played a major role in organizing a great many firsts within Newfoundland and Labrador figure skating. Many of today’s figure skating clubs owe their existence to the work of Mrs. Swan.

Mrs. Swan was killed in a traffic accident returning to her home in Clarenville during a snowstorm, having judged in the provincial championships in Labrador City.

Her contributions to figure skating are still having a beneficial effect on the sport in every area of the province.