Inducted November 16, 1991

Feildians Athletic Association - Builder

The Feildian Athletic Association was founded in 1899. It was originally called the Feildian Club and was formed as an offshoot of athletics at Bishop Feild College. While students at the College continued to play inter-collegiate sports, it was felt that pupils who had graduated from school should continue to play under the Feildian name. In the early 1900’s, Feildian teams were prominent in cricket, soccer, and hockey. The incorporation of the Feildian Athletic Grounds Association in 1925 led to the establishment of the Feildian Grounds under the leadership of its first chairman, P.E. Outerbridge.

The Feildian Grounds has served as a major sports venue for some 60 years. This facility contributed in a big way to the Feildians early successes in soccer, baseball, and track and field. While the Feildian Association has been prominent on the playing field in terms of its share of championships and trophies, it is not the real measure of their success. The contribution that the Feildians have made to sport in the province is best measured in terms of its long-term commitment and support for these athletes wishing to participate in sport at whatever the level of competition.