Inducted April 27, 1974

Ferd Hayward - Athlete

Ferd Hayward was born in St. John’s August 21st, 1911. He was educated at Bishop Feild College. Ferd was a real outdoors man, concentrating on short and long distance walking, hiking, skiing and skating. During his career in walking he was the most outstanding walker in Newfoundland and held the spotlight up to his retirement. He held the Newfoundland record for the one mile, ten miles and twenty miles for a number of years and it is interesting to note that each year would better his previous time in all races. Ferd also competed at Hamilton, Ontario, Baltimore, Guelph, Ontario, New Jersey, Chicago and Helsinki, Finland.

In 1954 he won the Hamilton, Ontario “Around the Bay Walk” breaking the all time record by thirteen minutes. The walking distance was eighteen miles. In 1951 at Baltimore he won the U.S. National 40 kilometer “Walking-Champ” winning a U.S. Gold Medal. In 1950 he won the Thanksgiving Day Race in Guelph, Ontario.In 1950 he posted the fastest time in Elizabeth, New Jersey Championship Race. He placed third to take the bronze medal in U.S. Championship 18 miles at Chicago.

Ferd also competed in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. Ferd Hayward won the First Five All Newfoundland Cross Country Ski Championships from 1936 to 1940 winning the Peterborough and the C.W. Press Trophys. In 1951 he was elected First St. John’s winner of the Athlete of the Year, winning by 18 out of 22 points.

Ferd was a member of the Newfoundland Hiking Club and for many years was one of the Club’s most ardent hikers.