Inducted November 5, 1983

Gregory Power - Athlete

Greg Power, a native of Placentia, was one of the finest track and field stars Newfoundland ever produced. He held records in the hop, step, and jump (now known as the triple jump) and the low and high hurdles. He was a member of the Newfoundland team that participated in the British Empire Games in Edmonton in 1930. A foot injury prevented him from participating in the hurdles but he came fourth in the hop, step and jump. At the local level he often ran the 100 and 220 yard sprints in addition to his specialties to gain points for his club and often placed first or second in these events. He is the final member of the Newfoundland team at the 1930 British Empire Games to be inducted into the hall of fame. His track and field career ended in 1933 when he was stricken with tuberculosis. In addition to his athletic endeavours, Mr. Power is well known as a member of the first provincial cabinet following Newfoundland’s joining Confederation in 1949.