Inducted November 16, 1991

Guards Athletic Association - Builder

The Guards Athletic Association was founded in 1900 and was known at that time as the Epworth Guards. As Jim Thoms wrote recently in tribute to the early day Guards “they virtually ruled the sports scene, their devotion to athletics knew no bounds or limitations. Guards teams and athletes have for 90 years competed at all competitive levels and in most sports. Those activities continue today in such sports as baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, minor hockey, etc. The Guards entered a new era of success for sports endeavours at the beginning of 1960’s with the centerpiece of their activities being their many hockey championships including the prestigious Boyle Trophy. The Association was also active in providing facilities for athletes and most of us can recall the prominent role the Ayre Athletic Grounds and the Prince of Wales Arena played in local sport for many years. The Guards have a long and proud history, their commitment to the development of sport in the province has contributed substantially to our rich sports heritage.