Inducted November 16, 1991

Holy Cross Athletic Association - Builder

While the history of Holy Cross School dates back to its opening on September 14, 1890, the Holy Cross Athletic Association and its sports teams never came to prominence until after the first World War. The leader of the famed West End group was Brother P. Egan, after whom the Recreation site in the area was named.

While Holy Cross has excelled in the major sports of baseball, basketball and bowling, it is the game of football (soccer) which made Holy Cross a household name throughout the province.

Holy Cross won their first soccer championship in 1927 and capped off an amazing run of titles up to 1990. From 1970 to 1990 Holy Cross have won 19 titles out of a possible 20. In actual count Holy Cross have won 34 soccer championships since their first in 1927.

In national soccer play, Holy Cross has a superb record. They are the only team to win all medals – Gold (1988), Silver (1989) and Bronze (1981).

In 1988, Holy Cross set a Canadian soccer record in winning the Canadian Senior Championship without a goal being scored against them. Indeed, a record that will stand for some time.