Inducted October 13, 1973

Honourable William J. Higgins - Builder

“Billy” Higgins is probably best remembered in sporting circles for his long association with the St. John’s Regatta Committee of which, for many years, he was its President. But his sporting activities were not restricted to the “Regatta” of which he was its most outstanding promoter.

As a builder Mr. Higgins was president of both the St. John’s Hockey League and the St. John’s Football League, and the Amateur Athletic Association. Under his leadership all three organizations flourished.

Prior to his retirement from active participation in sport, Mr. Higgins rowed “on the pond” from 1901 to 1908. He was a star performer with the B.I.S. soccer team from 1898 to 1909. He was the Newfoundland Champion in the one mile run for two years and in the early 1900’s he was an active competitor in swimming races at Quidi Vidi Lake. It might well be said of “Billy” Higgins that he was an all round athlete.

The Honourable Mr. Higgins was an outstanding Newfoundlander; politician, lawyer, Judge of Supreme Court, debater, athlete, and athletic organizer. Although distinguished in all spheres of Newfoundland life The Honourable Mr. Justice William J. Higgins will be best remembered by the sporting fraternity for his invaluable contribution and interest in all sport throughout the whole of his life, a contribution which he made willingly, with selfish dedication, with spirit, and, with a wit and sense of humour which will be forever remembered.