Inducted 2010

John Breen - Athlete

John Breen’s legacy in sport began at a very young age, where he excelled at many sports including hockey and soccer. As time passed he continued with hockey, winning two Herder Trophies, however, soccer became a passion, where he accomplished many great things in his thirty year career on the field.

While still in high school John began establishing himself as an impact player on the local and provincial sport scene. At the age of sixteen his club, Holy Cross, was calling him up from junior to play First Division and Challenge Cup soccer. His coaches, as well as his senior teammates, were amazed that a player so young and technically skilled, could posses such composure and tactical insight.

His fiercely competitive drive to succeed and be the best became his trademark and the rallying call for the rest of his team. The success of the Holy Cross Soccer Team of the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s can be partially attributed to the standards in which he established.

With the success of two National Championships, three Atlantic Championships, ten Challenge Cups and nineteen city titles, John continued to influence the soccer community in a big way. In the 1980’s, his devotion and determination with Holy Cross gained him the recognition in this province as Player of the Decade and in 1996 and 2003 John was inducted into the St. John’s and Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall of Fame.

John, then proceeded to give back to the sport he loved by coaching at the local and Provincial level, also travelling to National competitions. John Breen is known as a man who has been admired and respected by all in the soccer community and represents soccer in Newfoundland and Labrador with leadership and class.