Inducted 2013

St. John’s athlete Linda (Winter) Barrett is a 1950’s athlete who played all sports to the fullest. She was involved with and excelled in the sports of basketball, field hockey, badminton, tennis and golf. Linda was involved with numerous competitions within St. John’s during her career in addition to provincial and national competition, which is very impressive as there was little opportunity to compete outside of the city in the 1950’s. Linda started her basketball career in 1954 as a member of Junior and Senior Spencer Basketball teams. On a national level, in 1957 Linda was a member of Memorial’s basketball team that played in an invitational tournament in Nova Scotia. The team was undefeated in all four games that they played, with Linda scoring almost half of the total points during the tournament. Linda was Captain of Memorial University Basketball Championship team in 1959 and was a member of the Championship team from 1956-1958. She also excelled at the sport of badminton and from 1957 until 1959 Linda was a member of the ladies varsity badminton team and won both team and individual titles. Tennis was another sport Linda excelled in and was Riverdale singles champion in 1954 and was Newfoundland and Labrador Junior Tennis Champion from 1955-1956. Linda’s other sports included field Hockey and golf. In 1960 and 1961 she was a member of the Bally Haly Golf teams that won the Grand Falls Invitational as well as the Inter-Town invitational. Her most recent golf accomplishment was a hole-in-one in 2004. She was a member of the Varsity championship team for Field Hockey in 1959. Although Linda kept busy with her sport involvement she never let her academics suffer. In 1959 Linda received the John Lewis Paton Award of contribution to athletics and academic standing at Memorial University. Linda was an all around athlete who competed and excelled in as many sports and tournaments that were available. During her athletic career a Canadian Press writer dubbed her “one of the most colorful athletes ever to perform in the Maritimes in the past decade.” Linda was certainly one of the best athletes of her generation. Provincially Linda was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999.