Inducted April 24, 1976

Michael Shallow - Athlete

Mike Shallow was born in Fermeuse in 1874. He moved to Boston at an early age and became interested in boxing. When he returned to St. John’s, he had mastered his art and was on the way to gaining international fame.

On August 8 of 1904 at the Prince’s Rink in St. John’s, Mike Shallow fought Charlie Farrell, a heavyweight who had battled against George Godfrey, Peter Maher, Tom Sharkey and James Corbett. He knocked Farrell out in the second round.

On August 23, 1904, at the Prince’s Rink, a benefit was held in recognition of Mike Shallow. This was to raise money to send Mike to England and a try at the British championship.

On October 4, 1904, he went to England, looking for the British Heavyweight Boxing Championship and fought out of the National Sporting Club in London.

On November 4, 1904, he knocked out Ben Taylor, the former heavyweight champ in eight rounds.

On November 14, 1904, he decked Private Hann, Champion of the Essex Regiment, in the second round.

On December 15, 1904, he fought the British Heavyweight Champion, Jack Scales in Wales. After 10 gruelling rounds the fight was declared a draw.

He next met Mike Flynn in a fight that was halted after 13 rounds with both fighters out on their feet. Later, at Eckington, Derbyshire in a fight that went 15 rounds, he won over Flynn.

On April 10, 1905, at the Olympic Club in Sheffield, he knocked out Bill Johnson, also contender for the British Heavyweight crown.

By now Shallow was in line for another crack at the champ, Jack Scales. They met and Mike Shallow reached the pinnacle of British Boxing by knocking out Scales in the 8th round to become the Heavyweight Champ of the British Empire.

Mike took up residence at Grand Falls in 1910 working with the A.N.D. Co. as a pipefitter. He later became fire chief in that paper town. He died there in 1948 at the age of 74. Mike Shallow’s pugilistic performances merit the recognition now belatedly bestowed on him.