Inducted October 13, 1973

Patrick A. Edwards - Builder

P. A. “Paddy” Edwards was born in St. John’s on March 18, 1885 and at an early age joined the Catholic Cadet Corps where he became an officer in the early 1900’s. It was with the C.C.C. that he developed an interest in sport which lasted throughout the whole of his life.

Mr. Edwards came to Grand Falls in 1915 where he distinguished himself as a participant in many sports. But his major contribution, which extended over some thirty-five years, was that he was instrumental, with others, in organizing sport and recreational facilities in the young paper town. This interest continued until his death in 1954.

Prior to the first World War, sports in Grand Falls consisted of football, the most popular sport, hockey, baseball, track and field, cricket and boxing. The Catholic Cadet Corps, the Church Lads Brigade, the Guards and the Scouts were the clubs which organized teams in those days. With limited travel the “Brigade” teams created the greatest interest. Although keenly interested in the C.C.C. teams “Paddy” Edwards, with others, were the guiding lights behind the organization of the various leagues in the paper town. Indeed, it was these people who kept sport alive in Grand Falls for so many years.

“Paddy” Edwards founded a dynasty in sports in Grand Falls not only as a builder and organizer, but also as a family man. All of his sons, Charles, George, Augustus, Rex, Adrian, Reg, Allan, Wallace, John, and Frank carried on in the “Paddy” Edwards tradition of sportsmanship, an achievement which to date is unmatched in central Newfoundland.

The Newfoundland Sports Hall of Fame is honoured to elect Mr. P. A. “Paddy” Edwards to the Sports Hall of Fame.