Inducted October 20, 1978

Robert H. Simms - Athlete

Robert H. Simms, known as “Bob”, was an all-round athlete and sportsman. He was born in 1880 and attended Bishop Feild College, where he distinguished himself both scholastically and athletically. He represented his school in inter-collegiate competition in cricket, football, hockey and track and field.

After leaving school he continued to represent the Feildians in senior league competition. Simms was a versatile and accomplished performer in the athletic sphere. He was without peer as a high hurdler and an exceptionally fine mid-distance man, specializing in the mile and half-mile races. His excellent performance in track and field earned many Victor Ludorum awards at sports meets, extending over a period from 1903 to 1909. During one of those feats, on July 22, 1903, at the C.E.I. – C.L.B. sports, he won Governor Sir Cavendish Boyle’s gold medal for the one mile event and ended the day with the Victor Ludorum. Throughout the same period he competed in the annual 20 mile walk, and in June, 1907, finished second.

Bob Simms worked at Bowrings all his life and for many years as a member of that firm’s crew competing in the Merchantile Race at the Annual Regatta.

He has a truly impressive record as a hockeyist and was a member of the Feildian aggregation from the beginning of the League in 1898 through to 1911, a total of fourteen years. Throughout that period he was chosen on three occasions to represent the City against visiting hockey teams, in 1909, 1910 and 1911. He played on the Newfoundland team against Truro in 1902 and he was on the Veteran’s team of 1916. In the same period, he was a member of the senior Feildian team which captured the Hunter Trophy emblematic of the hockey league championship in 1901 and he captained the Feildian hockey team, which won the Boyle Cup in 1906.

He was a member of the Feildian Senior League football championship team of 1907 and captained the same club’s team, which won the Charity Cup in 1903.

Bob Simms was an avid sportsman and one who was very fond of the outdoors. After he retired from active competition, he continued to live a very active life. He was an ardent angler and a dedicated hunter.

He is certainly qualified to be inducted into the Newfoundland Sports Hall of Fame as an athlete.