Inducted November 16, 1991

St. Pat's Athletic Association - Builder

St. Patrick’s Hall School first opened its doors to the community of St. John’s in 1876. However, at that time the concentration was that of education. In the early 1900’s St. Pat’s arrived on the sports scene dominating the sports of soccer and basketball. Perhaps St. Pat’s greatest achievements came in 1960’s when the Association won twelve City and Provincial Championships in soccer, baseball, hockey and basketball. The long and hard fought traditional rivalry that existed between St. Pat’s and St. Bon’s reached its peak in 1961 when St. Pat’s finally beat St. Bon’s in perhaps the best Boyle Trophy series ever.

As in the case of the other Associations being honoured here tonight, St. Pat’s had its origin from the education system. An excerpt taken from a speech given by well-known brother T.I. Murphy in the mid 1930’s as Superior of St. Pat’s reads: “To games too, a fair amount of attention is and will be given. Football, Baseball and Basketball have always been a feature of the recreation hours of our senior boys. That these sports have been seriously followed is evident in the fact that championship teams are abundant now and will be in future”.

Brother Murphy’s speech was indeed prophetic as can be witnessed by the many achievements of the green and gold from St. Pat’s over a 50 year period.