Inducted March 28, 2009

Thomas L. Gallant - Builder

Thomas Gallant was one of the founding members of Judo in Newfoundland and Labrador. He started Judo clubs in Corner Brook and Stephenville, on the west coast of the province, and one in St. John’s. Gallant served as vice-president from 1976-1986 and president from 1986-1988 with the Newfoundland and Labrador Judo Association. From 1987-1994, he was the Coaching Chairman for the Association and from 1992 until 2000, he served as Referee Chairman. In 1997, he wrote and evaluated the Promotion Criteria for Judo Newfoundland and Labrador. As a Level 3 Certified Coach for Canada, Gallant coached over 3,000 athletes in Newfoundland and Labrador and produced 32 Black Belts and promoted over 600 non- Black Belts. As a coach, his athletes produced four national medals, 80 Atlantic medals, and two at the World masters level. Gallant was a Master Coach for Newfoundland and Labrador, a Senior Rank Judo player in the province, a Level 1, 2, Theory Course Conductor, and 3 Master Course Conductor in Judo. In recognition of his provincial Judo accomplishments, Tom Gallant was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Judo Association Hall of Fame in 1993. Tom’s contributions at the national level were also significant. One of his biggest contributions to building the sport of Judo was his work developing, implementing, and setting a standard for Judo Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program. As part of a Masters Degree, Tom wrote a Thesis, evaluating the national Coaching Certification Program, Level 2 technical Course for Judo. Gallant received an Excellent for the work and an Outstanding for the Contribution to the Field Of Study. For four consecutive terms (eight years), Gallant served as Vice President of Judo Canada. He was a member of the National Council, (Board of Directors) for Judo Canada for a further 10 years. Gallant was the founder of the Atlantic Council for Judo, which organized all four Atlantic Provinces in one group. As a National “A” Referee, the only National “A” ranked in the province, before moving out of the province, Tom officiated at the Senior and Junior Nationals, the Canada Winter Games, the Canadian national Exhibition International Invitational Tournament, where six to 10 countries attend on a regular basis, and the West Coast International Invitational Tournament, where he was awarded HIS National “A” Referee License from the Chief Referee for the International Judo Federation (IJF). While part of the Judo Canada Executive, Tom was an official at the World Championships in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1993.