Inducted October 13, 1973

William Joseph Cotter - Athlete

“Billy Cotter” was one of the most versatile and accomplished athletes Newfoundland has ever produced. He was born in St. John’s and educated at St. Bonaventure’s College where his athletic ability was soon discovered and developed. As a high school athlete he was without peer. Although still a high school student he was selected to play on the St. John’s team in a hockey series with the Halifax Crescents.

Following high school Billy Cotter continued to distinguish himself as a superb athlete in the senior ranks. He played hockey with the St. Bon’s Boyle Trophy Champions in 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933 as well as representing the city in hockey matches throughout the province and in the Maritime provinces.

In track and field activities there was, seemingly, nothing that Billy Cotter could not do. He established Newfoundland records in the high jump, hurdles, broad jump, hop step and jump and the pole vault-a record which he still holds forty years later.

As an athlete Cotter was a perfectionist, a master strategist and an inspiring leader. He had the rare ability to perform the most astonishing feats of athletic achievement with consummate ease and flawless grace. He was the idol of his own generation and a legendary figure to succeeding generations.