You’re a project in development. So hard pass.

"Vaping nicotine can mess with your brain”


If you’re a teen, your brain’s still growing. Vaping can have long term effects on the way you learn and remember things. For life. Because it’s way more than water vapour in a vape. Water just happens to be Paralympian Katarina Roxon’s element, and she’s helping get the word out about the dangers of vapes and e-cigarettes, whether you’ve got athletic ambitions or just want to be healthier and feel better!

Not the exposure you need.

“Give your lungs a better shot”


Think it’s harmless? Think again. There’s a lot of bad stuff in vapes and e-cigarettes that can damage your lungs. Heavy Metals like nickel, tin, and lead, and chemicals like nicotine can lead to serious lung disease. Take it from Basketball Star Carl English, whatever you want to accomplish in life, having a healthy body helps. What doesn’t help is vaping. Whatever your goal is in life, that’s good advice!

Still nicotine, still addictive.

“Make a real power play and live vape free”


No matter how they flavour it, nicotine is still a drug. And getting addicted to the nicotine in vapes and e-cigarettes can lead to even worse addictions and health issues when you’re an adult. Take it from Paralympian Liam Hickey, putting down the vape and taking care of your lungs and body is the real power play, not just for today, but for your future.


Move More. Eat Healthier. Less Device Time and Don’t Vape.
They’re the basics for a better shot at a healthier you!