Get Active and Throw Stress a Curveball!

“Move more every day to feel better and recharge better too.”

- Hudson White, Team Canada Baseball Pitcher

You can help knock stress and anxiety out of the park when you add some physical activity – any activity – to your everyday routine. Athletes like Team Canada baseball pitcher, Hudson White, understand the mental health benefits of regular physical activity, including reduced stress, a better night’s sleep, improved concentration, and more. So, try adding 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Walk, swim, bike, or do any activity that suits you. Start today and hit a home run for your body AND brain!

Staying Active is the Goal!

“Physical activity and mental health go hand in glove.”

- Alyson Thomas, Team Canada Ball Hockey Player

Ready to take a shot at feeling better? By adding some physical activity to your day, you can score real mental health benefits like reduced anxiety and stress, a better night’s sleep to stay active tomorrow, and improved mood. Athletes like Team Canada’s Alyson Thomas already know the score – just add 60 minutes of any physical activity to your day to help your body AND brain stay active. Choose an activity that suits you and your abilities and become a champion for your own mental health!

Getting active starts with you!

“Moving more during the day, can help you sleep better at night.”

- Katarina Roxon, Paralympic Swimming Gold Medalist

Every move counts when it comes to living healthier. Aim for 60 minutes of heart pumping activity a day, at least 8 hours of sleep per night and reduce your screen time. Paralympic Swimming Gold Medalist, Katarina Roxon, fits in physical activity throughout her day and knows that any activity is a great start. Biking to school, going for a swim or checking out a community trail with friends are excellent ways to get moving and you’ll feel better for it!

An active you is a happier, healthier you.

“Shoot for 60 minutes of physical activity a day”

- Carl English, International Basketball Star

Getting more active can help you in many ways! You’ll feel better, you’ll learn better, and it can help you meet new people and improve your self-confidence too. Just try to get in 60 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity a day. Take it from International Basketball Star Carl English, any activity is a great start! Just pick the one that suits you best and get moving to a better you!

Limit screen time to 2 hours a day.

“Get a good nights sleep and give your phone a rest”

- Liam Hickey, Multi-Sport Paralympic Athlete

Stop scrolling and start moving! Trade screen time for active time and power down those phones at least 20 mins before bed. We need good sleep at night to have the energy to be active during the day. Whether you’re a multi-sport athlete like Liam Hickey or just starting your journey to make healthier choices, less screen time, better sleep and more physical activity is the way to start! 

Healthy Me. Better Me.

Move More, Eat Healthier and Live Vape-Free!

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