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Next Annual General Meeting Date: May 2020

Board of Directors
Gerry RideoutPresident
Jennifer JenningsTreasurer
Pamela CronheimDirector at Large- Newsletter
Judy MayCoaching Director
Blaine PearceEastern Vice-President
David StoodleyCentral Vice-President
Brian MooresWestern Vice-President
George PinkNorthern Vice-President and Policies and Procedures Director
Judy MayCoaching Director
Shawn LeamonOfficials Director
Margaret TibboPara Nordic Director
Tina NewburyJackrabbit Director
Will FitzgeraldSecretary- Government Liaison and Grants
Karin KuhneExecutive Director and Membership Director
Jamie MerriganDirector, Junior Development/Chair Ski Team Communications
Luke DunphyProvincial Team Coach
Natalie Chambers HughesDirector at Large

 Cross Country AGM Minutes